For over 40 years Henry Designs has provided their clients with high-end diamonds complemented by first class customer service and artistically detailed craftsmanship. Elegance combined with a flare for ingenuity has made each of our pieces a symbol of luxury and class.


StingHD has buried its roots in Henry Designs’ commitment and high standards. From that, we have sprung into a world of sophistication and style with StingHD bracelets. Standing alone in purity and craftsmanship, our bracelets are made from pure silver, 18K gold and the highest quality platinum. Our one-of-a-kind hand wrapped bracelets are made from grade 1 stingray leather, giving each piece a unique touch. Each bracelet is handmade in Boca Raton, FL by the most skilled jewelers in the industry. Our bracelets are accented with the finest DF-VS+ quality diamonds and precious gems. Today we stay true to our legacy with unfaltering dedication to every individual piece.


It begins with you. Our commitment, and reason for being, is to provide you with timeless pieces doused in the luxury you desire. Every bracelet we create for you is a step towards our future and proof that we will never falter in our promise to provide high quality, one-of-a-kind pieces.