StingHD Red Lustrous Silver Racing Piston with Fiery Red Rubies


Wrist Size

StingHD bracelets are custom tailored to your wrist to provide the perfect fit. Use our guide to find your StingHD size.
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Description & Details

Immerse yourself in a vibrant symphony of red with the StingHD Racing Piston Bracelet. This emblem of passionate craftsmanship captures the essence of velocity while radiating an irresistible charm.

The base layer, a sumptuous expanse of red stingray leather, sets the tone with its rich texture and alluring hue, epitomizing luxury that's felt as much as it's seen. As a beacon of the racetrack, a pure silver piston, gleaming in all its majesty, emerges as the bracelet's standout feature.

Yet, within this pure silver marvel, lie fiery red rubies. Their intense glow complementing the leather, these gems are a testament to the bracelet's meticulous attention to detail, creating a "red on red" spectacle that's as mesmerizing as the dance of flames. 

Concierge Service

For those seeking a personalized touch, our bespoke customization offers selections from a curated range of colors, precious stones, and metals.


Lacquered gift box and presentation package provided with every bracelet.

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