B470P Grey WD RG


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Description & Details

Inspired by mariners worldwide, this nautical bracelet features 2 diamond studded rose gold sailor’s anchors united together by a rose gold chain and secured with a double cord of luxurious grey python leather and a circular clasp.

If you love sailing and the deep blue sea, this piece is a must-have. Embark on an exciting new journey by adding this piece to your collection.

This design can be worn alone or as a complement to other models from our impressive StingHD collections.

Shown in solid 18K Rose Gold, DF-VS+ quality Diamonds, and grey python cords.


Info for new description: 

This is a Kunai weapon. The Kunai is a harpoon-like weapon used most notably by Scorpion from Mortal Combat onwards. 


Lacquered gift box and presentation package provided with every order.

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