B509 Black Platinum-Plated Silver Piston with White Diamonds


Wrist Size

StingHD bracelets are custom tailored to your wrist to provide the perfect fit. Use our guide to find your StingHD size.
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Description & Details

Dive into an elegant fusion of industrial artistry and luxurious design with our B509 Piston Bracelet. Plated in lustrous black platinum over pure silver, the bracelet captures the allure of precision mechanics. The main highlight, a beautifully sculpted piston, is intricately adorned with shimmering white diamonds, reflecting the light and drawing eyes with every movement. This intricate design, combined with the deep shine of black platinum, exudes both rugged charm and refined sophistication. Whether worn on its own or paired with other pieces, this bracelet stands as a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. Perfect for those who appreciate the blend of mechanics and luxury.

Shown with black platinum plating over pure silver, colorless diamonds, and black stingray leather cords.

Concierge Service

For those seeking a personalized touch, our bespoke customization offers selections from a curated range of colors, precious stones, and metals.


Lacquered gift box and presentation package provided with every bracelet.

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