B487 Sapphire Evil Eye White Diamonds with Diamond Columns


Wrist Size

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Description & Details

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting history and folklore of the evil eye, this captivating bracelet features a hand-sculpted sapphire eye ornament adorned with colorless diamonds. Its allure is further enhanced by a double cord of black stingray leather, fastened elegantly with a circular claw clasp.

A fabulous addition to any jewelry collection, the blue evil eye is renowned for bestowing strength, success, and contentment upon its wearer. This artistic piece harmoniously complements your favorite selections from our meticulously handcrafted StingHD collections, allowing for captivating layering options.

Displayed with pure silver, premium DF-VS+ quality diamonds, exquisite sapphire, and black stingray cords, this bracelet embodies artistic finesse and timeless symbolism, making it a cherished addition to your jewelry repertoire.

Concierge Service

For those seeking a personalized touch, our bespoke customization offers selections from a curated range of colors, precious stones, and metals.


Lacquered gift box and presentation package provided with every bracelet.

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