StingHD Dragon's Gaze Pendant: Silver Elegance with a Fiery Soul


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StingHD bracelets are custom tailored to your wrist to provide the perfect fit. Use our guide to find your StingHD size.
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Description & Details

Dive into a realm where ancient lore meets modern elegance with the Dragon's Gaze Pendant by StingHD. Sculpted from pure silver, this pendant flawlessly encapsulates the grandeur and intricacy of the legendary dragon. Its design is accentuated by the deep shimmer of 39 hand-selected black diamonds, crafting a tale of mystique and allure. What truly brings this mythical beast to life are its two vivid ruby eyes, emanating an intense gaze that's impossible to ignore. More than just an accessory, this pendant resonates with power and enigma, making it a timeless symbol of strength and majesty.

Whether showcased on its own or paired with other stunning pieces from the StingHD Dragon Collection, it promises to add a touch of the extraordinary to your ensemble. Embrace the legacy of the dragon, magnificently captured in silver, black diamonds, and ruby.

Concierge Service

For those seeking a personalized touch, our bespoke customization offers selections from a curated range of colors, precious stones, and metals.


Lacquered gift box and presentation package provided with every bracelet.

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