StingHD Radiant Legacy: 18K Yellow Gold Dog Tag with Diamond Bail


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StingHD bracelets are custom tailored to your wrist to provide the perfect fit. Use our guide to find your StingHD size.
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Description & Details
Delve into a realm where artistry meets timeless elegance with the Radiant Legacy Dog Tag from StingHD. Intricately fashioned, this pendant showcases the regal warmth of solid 18K yellow gold, serving as a lavish backdrop for 71 precision-set white diamonds of DF-VS+ quality. Each diamond, nestled in a distinguished single prong setting, dances with light, infusing the piece with a resplendent shine. The pendant's allure is perfectly complemented by its 18K yellow gold chain, measuring 24 inches in length, weaving together unparalleled craftsmanship and classic beauty. More than a piece of jewelry, this dog tag symbolizes a fusion of tradition and luxury. Whether for a momentous occasion or to elevate everyday wear, this pendant ensures a statement of lasting sophistication and refinement.
Concierge Service

For those seeking a personalized touch, our bespoke customization offers selections from a curated range of colors, precious stones, and metals.


Lacquered gift box and presentation package provided with every bracelet.

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